Ultimate Organifi Green Juice Review

Chances are that you haven’t heard the word just like I didn’t until a few months ago I tried it.

I just wanted to see whether it is worth all the videos and testimonials and “propaganda”, and whether the pulp of this detox and energy restoration supplement actually works.


Before I jump to the conclusion and tell you whether it is worth it or not, let us first try to understand the situation in which you might need an all herbal and green detoxifying supplement.

We will talk about the needs, we will talk about ingredients, we will talk about the basic benefits that Organifi Green guys claim their “Superdfood Power” contains and we will talk about the honest reviews from the internet as well as my own, personal opinion of the product.

The Green Juice is not the only product of Organifi. This product is a detox and it basically focuses on energy restoration, but restoration of vitamin ratio in body and taking care of other nutrients.


Apart from the Green Juice, Organifi also sells:

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Organifi Green made it to the wall of the fame and it was mentioned by many neutral websites.

For example, www.developgoodhabits.com talked of Organifi’s Green Juice among other good juices/liquids for the same purpose.

The purpose of Organifi (mentioned on their About Us page) is to keep the people from going astray on the internet, in the search of perfect organic fixes for the problems that ail body and mind.

About Organifi Green Juice

Yeah, what the buzz is all about?


There is no denying the Organifi Green Juice is getting a lot of attention. You can see YouTube Reviews, a lot of people are coming forth with mixed opinions.


People love Organifi Gree Juice because of its organic approach, all-inclusive ingredients and better results.

But I would not say that there are not any haters. There are reviews of the people who hardly gave this juice 3 out of 5 stars.

In this part, we will closely examine everything:

Are you read to read one final and ultimate review of Green Juice? Because after reading this, you will get the bigger picture and you will not need to ask anyone whether to give it a try or not.

The Promise of Organifi Green Juice

If you go to Organifi Green Juices’ page on Organifi’s website (https://www.organifishop.com/collections/detox/products/organifi-green-juice-1-bottle) you would see that they talk about some basic problems that this juice promises to address.

I call them Green Juice’s promises and let me line them up here so you may understand whether you need this or not.

Now the promise is that one scoop of Green Juice into one glass of water or milk is enough for one day.

And if you do this every day, you will not have to worry about the basic energy needs because you will be having all the important veggies (in form of a powder).


The other part is about cleansing the body of all ill, toxic and unnecessary agents e.g. unnecessary fats.

For a better understanding, here is the promise:

Who Needs Green Juice?


This is one of the most important questions. It is important because if you do not need it, it will be waste of money to try something like organic and herbal Green Juice made by Organifi.

Based on its promises: energy and detoxification, here are the reasons why you might need it and what kind of people might need the Green Juice.

Now based on this basic persona let us decide the kind of persons who need this type of organic treatment.

In simple words, if you are excessively fat, weak, used to getting tired before the end of the day, prone to problems like sleepiness, fatigue and all signs of toxins and lack of vitamins, you need this supplement from Organifi.

How Much Do You Need?


I have explained above that Organifi website demands you to take only one scoop of the power a day and buyers are encouraged to take it with milk or water.


How much and for how longer you need it, totally depends on your plan. If you are a supplements buff just like me, you might want to add it to your secret pile of medicines and supplements, but basically one jar is intended for one month’s use.

What I will suggest, based on my personal experience with this supplement, is that you should take it for one month to understand full the scope and scale of its impact on your health and overall stamina.

Then, if you are not satisfied with the supplement, as I told you above it happened to a considerable number of people, you can ditch it for something good – otherwise, you stick to it for another 2 months.

By the end of those 2 months you will reach a 3 months’ consecutive use of this supplement, during all this time I encourage you to keep noting any type of mood changes, weight losses and gains as well as fluctuations in your body energy etc.

Once the 3 months’ period is expired, you can check the data and decide whether the supplement only had a marginal impact on your health or you now have a healthier body.

Based on this observation you can decide whether to continue using this supplement or to hit that Google search button again.

Three Major Reasons for Taking Green Juice

There are a lot of things that ail a human body and thanks to the Goddess of Truth and Sanity that Green Juice does not claim to cure everything.


Based on 100% organic ingredients of this supplement, here are three things that Green Juice can definitely do for you:

Why Organifi Green makes these claims? Well, this is based on the selection of herbs and veggies used in this powder and we will get to that very soon, but let us before talk about the reason why Green Juice is actually very important.

That reason is that in our daily, intoxicated with routine daily lives, we Americans do not have time for juicing.

Do you remember that good old days when people used to juice greens and fruits together to create a nectar that would keep us ahead of time and tasks?

We do not do that anymore. We are done with juicing and our big, yuge food factories do nothing but sit somewhere in a kitchen cabinet.

This is why we need something like Green Juice by Organifi, if not the Green Juice by Organifi itself.

Ingredients of Green Juice and Their Benefits


Let us now talk about the ingredients of the Green Juice.

Pros, Cons and Verdict

Finally! *Gasp*

Here are the pros and cons of this product.

What we like?

  • 100% organic
  • All-inclusive – encapsulates all important nutrients and antioxidants
  • Mint makes it easy to drink it
  • It works for most of the people

What we don't like?

  • Very expensive
  • Not free of side effects


I would first talk about the cons of this product.

First of all, a lot of customers complained that it is expensive and as a matter of fact, yes it is expensive. I mean $70 for a jar is expensive when you compare it to other similar or slightly different supplements’ prices.

For example:

If you buy Red Tea Detox from the official site you will have to pay only $37 and that is roughly half the price of Green Juice detox.

Green Juice is definitely very expensive, but if something works and fixes problems that it does, then perhaps one can ignore the price factor.

Then come side effects. Buyers have reported this that Red Juice from Organifi has ingredients that MAY cause cancer and although the Green Juice does not have any such ingredients, it has sent one or two customers to the ER.

However, as the customer himself admitted, it might be because he did not refrigerate the supplement.

The pros of this product are promising.

My verdict?


I always believe that it is either a winning combination or nothing at all. So, while I was on Green Juice, I was also into extensive body workouts as well as on pill for mental focus.


Green Juice did great for this combo and definitely I dialed down a lot of weight and my focus and daily energy are much better than before.